Our first music videos are out now!

On this year’s very special full moon Ostara (spring equinox) we released our first two music videos on Youtube!

These first two music videos are part of a collection of a total of five music videos that we are making for all the songs of our first EP Ethereal Storm.

Hold on to the Sun

Setting Sun

These videos are created by us (with some help of Jahra Esser and Thijs van Lexmond). Our singer Sascha van der Meer, was the director,  producer and editor. She started this project and came with all the ideas (Filmmaking is her job -> Szaz). She filmed some of the bandshots and also a very small part of the storyline shots as well. Our guitarist Iwan IJsbrandij filmed most of the storyline shots.  So it was mostly a project of our guitarist and singer. We hope you like our videos! Expect more music videos from us this year 🙂