Our first EP Ethereal Storms was released on Celtic New Year (October 31st 2017). Ethereal Storms is a collection of five songs, including one intro song:

  1. Hold on to the Sun, 2. Setting Sun, 3. Seven Spheres, 4. Blood Moon, 5. Clouded Stars

Ethereal Storms was made completely by us. All the songs on the EP are composed by us. We recorded everything in our studio and it was mixed and mastered by guitarist/grunter Iwan. The artwork was made by singer/bassist Sascha.

Ethereal Storms can be ordered on this website. You can either order it digitally 4,50 EUR or physically 12 EUR. You can also order digital versions of specific songs for 99 CENTS (intro is 80 CENTS).

Digital versions of our music can also be bought at Itunes/Apple Music and Amazon.

You can listen to Ethereal Storms by using this music player: