Solarcycles folk metal music

Welcome to Solarcycles’s Folk Metal Music Universe!

Hi, we’re Solarcycles and we welcome you to our official website. We started our folk metal band in 2014 and have since been creating music and art. The primary goal of Solarcycles’ folk metal music is to create a transcendent experience of folk, fantasy, paganism and nature.

Our music is a mixture of the power of nature and the power of emotions. It is a battle as well as an embracement. It is a quest for a renewed union between humans and nature, a worship of nature and all those forces we can’t comprehend as well as a critique on society and all the potionous ideas it is build upon.

There’s so much more to this world than you could even imagine. As we engulf ourselves into spheres of wonder and pray for the balance of nature to be restored we create music, as a life style and a product of friendship. We just simply can’t imagine ourselves to be doing anything else.

Our music is a mixture of all kind of things. It is created from forces within our heart and soul and combined with everything we like. The main focus is on clean female vocals and the main folk instrument is a violin. In our folk metal music you can hear all kind of influences. Apart from metal and folk influences we also have rock and indie music influences. Our folk influences are celtic as well as scandinavian and slavic. We’ve often been told we remind people of the Cranberries or The Gathering.

Here you can listen for yourself:

Our first official music videos

On 2019’s very special full moon Ostara (spring equinox) we released our first two folk metal music videos on Youtube!

Hold on to the Sun

Setting Sun

On August 28th 2020 we released our third music video for Seven Spheres (the third song of our EP Ethereal Storms)!

Seven Spheres

On december 22 (2022) we released our fourth music video for “Blood Moon”