Solarcycles can be characterized best as a female fronted folk metal/rock band, but in reality Solarcycles’ music is a unique combination of influences from different genres. The roots of Solarcycles are in Hoofddorp the Netherlands where singer/bassist Sascha and guitarist/grunter Iwan wrote the first songs in 2014 in which the atmospheric elements of Celtic folk music where combined with the powerful characteristics of metal and rock music. Soon drummer Ralf joined the band and when violinist Silvana and keyboardist Frank joined the band in 2015 Solarcycles was complete.

Solarcycles worked hard on its unique sound in which tight drums and harsh melodic guitar riffs form the basis of heavy compositions in which floating classical and Celtic violin and melodic keys echo traditional Celtic and Scandinavian folk music. Solarcycles’ compositions are completed and made extra special by vocals influenced by British Indie pop combined with Celtic melodies.

During Celtic New Year in 2017 Solarcycles released their first EP Ethereal Storms. Since then the band finally shared their music with the world. During December 2017 the band participated in a band contest Grote Prijs van de Bollenstreek (since 1990) and got selected to participate in the semifinals. Solarcycles won the semifinals and then participated in the finals at gebr. de Nobel in Leiden.

Armed with many good reviews Solarcycles is ready to hit the stage! Praised for its stage performance and stage decoration for being “spot on” reviewers say Solarcycles “Would certainly not be out of place at one of the big Fantasy festivals”. And in fact that is what Solarcycles’ have been dreaming of all this time: to be asked to perform at amazing festivals. Hopefully this dream will become reality!

Lately, Solarcycles is working on five music videos  for all the song of Ethereal Storms. The first two have already been released on March 21, 2019. In the meantime, more music is being created!



Setting Sun Official Music video:


(intro) Hold on to the Sun Official Music video:


Ethereal Storms compilation/introduction video (soon available):


this video is the same as the above video except for that it now says that our music is available


Some Live footage of our performance at the finals of the band contest De grote prijs van de bollenstreek



You can find our EP Ethereal Storms online on the following websites/platforms:


Full album (5 songs):


links to songs:

  1. Hold on to the Sun

  1. Setting Sun

  1. Seven Spheres

  1. Blood Moon

  1. Clouded Stars




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